Wiki-page Project

The purpose of this project is to introduce students to a specific topic in American history. You will learn the history of the topic, what historians have said about the topic, and the significance of the topic.

You will receive an email invitation requesting you to join the wikipage. Once you have joined and I have set up the site, you will see your topic and class time listed in the sidebar. Students will have access to all pages. Therefore, be warned, editing another group's wikipage will result in an automatic F for you.

Where should you get your information? Primary and Secondary source written/oral materials. NOT the internet!

The following is a list of things you must include on your wikipage. When adding and editing your wikipage, I would strongly suggest that you use the discussion tool to communicate with your group. Explain why you added, deleted, or edited something. I will monitor the discussion, and might ask questions myself. This allows me to understand better what it is you are attempting to accomplish.

1. Overview, Important Dates, Timeline, whatever you deem important for a topic summary.

2. Breakdown and explanation of the topic. The following is a suggestion of how you may wish to divide the topic



Abraham Lincoln
Thomas Jefferson
Jefferson Davis
John Locke

3. Chart(s) where appropriate

4. Poll/Chart - Made up by you, asked of other students, must include 5 questions minimum
  • Make up a survey questionnaire to ask other students. For example: Do you know who X is? Do you believe in the Freedom of Speech? Do you know what is contained in the 14th Amendment? Do you strongly disagree, disagree, support, strongly support religious freedom?
  • Chart your poll. For Example:
Do you agree with the freedom of expression?

5. Pictures or video where appropriate

6. Analysis: Why, overall, is your topic significant to society then and now?

7. Sources: List your sources at the bottom of the page

8. Each student will write a 3-5 page paper over a specific person, event, aspect, etc. of their topic, not the overall topic. This paper is to be turned into me. Do not include it on the wikipage.

Most Important: Have Fun with this Project!!